5 Easy Marketing Tips for Music Producers

There’s always something a music producer can do to improve their marketing efforts. This post is going to cover a couple methods that are easy to do, but will have a big impact.

1. Create a Strong Brand

We’ve covered this in a previous guide, which you should read before continuing this article.

While a strong brand image can attract listeners, it’s also important to labels. It shows labels that you’re serious about your music and your image.

2. Send Your Music to Curators

The next tip is to send your music to curators. Curators can include Spotify playlist makers, Youtube channels, blogs, and promoters.

Curators have a large niche following. If you’re able to get on one large playlist/channel/blog, you have the potential to get your music shown to tens of thousands of people with little effort.

The key to getting your music on these platforms is quality music and well written messages. It doesn’t hurt to have some kind of leverage either.

Some kind of leverage isn’t required, but it can help if you’re an unknown artist trying to get the attention of a large curator. If you’re an artist on an agency with bigger artists, you can offer to get the curator into big shows for free, or offer some kind of other creative exchange. Youtube channels might be interested in artwork upgrades in exchange for posting your track. Think outside the box when it comes to negotiating.

When reaching out to these curators, first look for an email address to contact. If they don’t have an email address or other contact information, sending a message on Facebook is usually the next best option.

When reaching out, keep your messages short. They probably get bombarded by messages all day, so the last thing they want to do is spend time reading your message.

All you want to include in your message is:

  • Brief paragraph about yourself - just steal a couple sentences from your bio if you have one
  • One or two sentences about the track
  • A link to the track

If your track is unreleased, you can discuss doing a track premier. This can be more desirable for the curator because it will drive extra traffic to their platform.

3. Frequently Post on Social Media

The key to social media is posting interesting content frequently. Not only does it help keep your fans interested, but it boosts your organic reach on most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

While the exact frequency to posts is highly debated, it’s safe to say that once per day is both attainable and boosts your reach. If you’re going to post twice or more a day, you need to keep your posts spaced a couple hours apart or the social media platform will reduce your organic reach.

Why is social media even important? Well, no one will know what you’re up to if you aren’t posting.

Another key to social media is spreading your content around your different channels. If you post a photo on Facebook, also post it to Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other platforms make sense. When you post a track on Soundcloud, share it to your other platforms. Not all your fans are constantly checking all their platforms, so you have a better chance of reaching them when you’re crossposting content.

4. Create a Mailing List

Creating a mailing list will help you keep your fans informed of big news and events.

Use a service like Mailchimp to create a list who would be interested in your latest tracks, mixes and events.

Many of these mail services are free at a low tier, then are only paid after you have a large list. They usually offer analytics help you create more effective campaigns.

You can create separate lists within the platform, so you can separate the DJs who you would send promo tracks to, the labels who you would send unreleased tracks to, and fans who you would send events and mixes to.

When sending your emails, make them visually easy to read and well written. They don’t have to be super fancy, over the top designs like big artists and big promoters might send, but they need to be straight forward and not confusing.

Mailchimp offers templates and tips that make your emails easy to create.

To build your mailing list, Mailchimp offers forms that you can use to collect emails, run contests, and create incentives for people to join your list.

5. Use Ads to Reach a Bigger Audience

Social media ads can be a cheap way to reach a bigger audience. I prefer Facebook and Instagram ads because they have gotten me the best return on investment.

The benefit of social media ads is that you can target a very niche audience that would be interested in your music.

When setting up your social media campaign, make sure you make your target very specific. Target artists that are similar to yourself, in a younger age range, and in your home country (or surrounding countries if you’re in a dense area like Europe). Targeting your specific city (and within 25-50 miles) will make your targeting even more exact.

Make sure you don’t target countries that have a lot of bot accounts.  Those countries would include India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and others in the region.