Facebook Cover Photo Inspiration Guide

Your cover photo is seen by anyone who visits your Facebook page, so it’s a great opportunity to advertise any upcoming events you might be playing or add an artistic image to improve your professional look.

When creating a cover photo, make sure to check the most recent social media images sizes so your image fits and doesn’t stretch.

Here are 5 cover photo ideas used by most large acts:

Artist Logo

A simple artist logo is the simplest method, but it can still reinforce your brand. It also keeps your profile looking clean and uncluttered.

Event Banner

You can grab a banner from a large upcoming event to use as your cover photo. It helps promote the event and shows potential fans that you’re playing shows.

Upcoming or Recent Release

You can use a your cover photo to promote an upcoming or recent release. Anyone visiting your page is probably interested in your music, so you can take the opportunity to sell them your latest work.

Crowd Shot

Many artists and promotion company use a crowd shot from a recent party that they played. This can shows your fans what they would expect when attending one of your events and helps hype up the upcoming parties.

Artistic Image

An artistic photo can spruce up your profile to make it look more creative and interesting. These are probably the least used because of the extra effort required, but if executed correctly, can create a strong brand image.