How To Start Your Own Podcast

This guide can be useful for DJs, event promoters, agencies, record labels or radio stations. You can use podcasts to showcase your own music, showcase artists, or just get your name out there.

    1. Plan out your podcast
      • Will it be done monthly? Quarterly? Weekly?
      • Who will be doing the mixes? Will you be doing every episode by yourself? Guest mixes? Half yourself each week and half guest mix?
      • What will the name be?
      • Where will it be published?
      • Will you be talking over parts of it to introduce tracks?
    2. Get the artwork made.
      • Album artwork square – Must be at least 1400px x 1400 px for iTunes
      • Album artwork for each episode
      • Youtube artwork
    3. Make an intro to the podcast. – Optional, but recommended
      • You will usually want to make an intro to the podcast to introduces the name and host of the episode, but this isn’t necessarily required.
      • You can do your own voiceovers or have a friend to do it.
    4. Make your first episode.
    5. Create a description that includes the tracklist.

      Podcast description template:



      1. Artist 1 – Track 1
      2. Artist 2 – Track 2
      3. Etc.

      Follow Us:[URL][URL][URL][URL]

    6. Publish the episode on a podcast host.
      • I recommend Podbean because it’s easy to use and low cost.
    7. Submit your podcast to iTunes.
    8. Publish on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Youtube
      • Posting on other social media platforms will attract audiences you wouldn’t normally reach and drive traffic to your Podcast.
      • Be sure to post a link to your podcast on your Soundcloud, Facebook and Youtube pages.
      • Now with Facebook Live, you can livestream the video to your audience.